300 MiB HQ 144 Hz 2560x1440 video sample: Starcraft 2 Rain in WebGL

When I bought a new monitor it was hard to find videos in high quality 144 Hz, so here is a test video for you. This video is around 300 MiB and 144 Hz in resolution 2560x1440. It's a simple example of Starcraft 2 units raining down with Oimo.js physics, implemented in WebGL. I'll clean and give you the source code if you e-mail me at hvidevold@gmail.com but you'll need some GLTF 2.0 3D models, or alternatively to own a copy of Starcraft 2 to run it. I recommend watching in fullscreen and probably download video first by right clicking and save video if there are bandwidth issues. Videos tested in Chrome, Firefox and Edge on Windows.

Check out my home page for more graphics.

20 MiB Low Quality Version 60Hz 640px

If you are on low performance device and just want the gist of what's going on check out this low quality version video 60Hz 640px wide. Tested on iPhone 5C: